Shift Awakening

Expressing a call to love for the human race through apparel. 


Spiritual Warrior Cosmic Tank

Compassion Begins On Your Plate

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Shift Happens

Shift Happens When You Surrender

Shift Happens. Life has a way of shifting our lives to bring us to people, situations, and circumstances that are meant for us. Our Shift Happens t-shirts are paired with a Flower of Life decal. 

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Plant-based Princess Accessories

For the cruelty-free cosmetic queen, we have a durable and trendy pouch perfect for your on-the-go beauty routine.

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Awakening 2020

Shift Awakening is on a mission to connect with those finding the eyes to see a new future before us where we all lead with love.

Where Compassion Meets Fashion

Share the important message of love for all with our conscious clothes.

I love my new Plant-Based Princess Pouch!

Angela F.

I am so grateful to have organic options in this store. My hoodie is so soft and good for the planet and me!

Jayla D.

I love having a reminder that reality can shift while I am working out in my muscle tank. Change your mind, change your life.

Brian S.

Peace to all beings!

Our store and minds are open.

Designs for the Starseed.